Open source. Free forever

More than a url shortner.


More than a url shortner

List of features that make it easy to shorten and share your links.

Free and open source.

Shtr. is free and open source available in MIT license on Github.

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Currently available in around 4 languages and more coming soon.

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Easy to install.

One click installation on Netlify, Vercel, Railway, Heroku and more.

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You can get to know about the traffic of your links like country, browsers, referrals and more coming.

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Bulk Create

Shorten multiple domains at once.

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You can easily edit the back half the the shortened link. Create a link with custom slug or alias.

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Branded Domain

You can deploy shtr in your own domain name.

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Password Protected

Short links can be password protected. You can protect your links with a password.

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Editable link destination

You can edit the link destination of the shortened link after it is created.

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QR Code

You can share your links with the qr code.

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Easily create short links using the API.

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Refresh Links

You can refresh the link and start the analytics from the beginning.

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